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MIT Pune

History & Legacy

Maharashtra Academy of Engineering & Educational Research (MAEER's) Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune was established as an educational trust in 1983 with the aim of creating and developing education and research facilities for the aspiring young generation. MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions has grown today into multi-disciplinary and multi-location centres of excellence with 5 universities and many institutions. The uniqueness of MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions is that it imparts value-based education by integrating spiritual and ethical aspects in the mainstream disciplines of engineering, health sciences, design, humanities, management, social sciences and art, at graduate and post-graduate levels.

63,000+ Students from India and abroad,
mentored by more than 4,000+ Faculty

Under the leadership of the visionary founder and managing trustee, Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad. With more than 10 campuses spread over an approximate area of 1,000 acres, the group has spread its wings in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Meghalaya and aspires to grow nationally and internationally in the near future.

MAEER's MIT strives to develop young minds with the creative imagination of an artist, the critical knowledge of a scientist, the analytical skill of a technologist, the disciplined willpower of a moralist and the broad vision of a humanist.

We take pride in mentioning that in appreciation of the work carried out by MAEER's MIT for championing the cause of promoting a Value-Based Universal Education System and for spreading the message of peace in society, UNESCO (Paris) had bestowed MIT World Peace Centre with a UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance on May 12, 1998. World Peace Centre endeavours to be a unique blend of science, technology and spirituality. Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad leads his life with a deep sense of purpose in the field of education, religion, and social welfare wherein he strongly believes in the adage,
"Union of Science and Religion Alone Will Bring Peace to the Mankind". According to him, education is the only means that would bring relief to the downtrodden and the weaker sections of society. Cultural roots build character and science makes the student progressive.

Hence, while imparting education the following aims and principles of MIT's holistic development policy are taken into consideration :

  • To develop a spirit of inquiry and achieve academic excellence
  • To inculcate a sense of discipline and character
  • To develop a spirit of social commitment
  • To promote a Culture of Peace in the society
  • To build a strong industry institute interface

Our Excellence and Guiding Force

MAEER's MIT Pune has traversed the path of rapid development in education along with the nation, often responding positively to changed needs and at times initiating significant changes in the field of education. It has initiated programs and courses that are diverse and innovative.

In continuation of 'celebrating excellence' in education, trustees and managing committee members of MAEER's MIT consider it their mission to create Knowledge Temples across India. These knowledge temples are actually universities with space for every student to imbibe knowledge energies and develop a winning persona. These universities will have a certain understanding and purpose that will not only cater to the needs of the individual student but also to the society at large. With this objective, MAEER's MIT proposes the MIT VISHWAPRAYAG UNIVERSITY at Solapur, Maharashtra, India






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